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Things I regret having to leave out of my book because there was simply no room:

■   "Sad to think that during the second world war more than 24,000 people risked their lives to hide Jews from the Nazis, but today's New Yorkers can't be bothered to stop filming a crime with their cellphones to call the police."

■   "If a blatantly biased news medium agrees with my opinion, then it's an objective source. Hence, Fox and CNN are considered news networks by the masses. People are idiots."

■   "Things are going to get ugly in the next fifty years as human population reaches critical mass while the robotics industry simultaneously prepares to put all those people out of work."

■   Jack the Ripper was not Britain's first serial killer, but he was the first to generate international publicity. He made the front page of newspapers from New York to Stockholm. People everywhere were keenly aware of his existence. Only hours before her death, one of his victims—Elizabeth Stride—had joined a discussion in her lodging house where the topic was how to defend oneself from the Whitechapel murderer. Victorian society was on the lookout for him, ever watchful...yet he managed to strike again and again. This in itself tells us something. Not so much who he was, but who he wasn't. He couldn't have been in any way alarming in appearance. Any conversation he had with his victims must have been necessarily brief, therefore he must've been exceedingly charming in face and probably voice. Most likely he was someone innocuous in appearance, perhaps quite attractive. Someone a woman would look at and think to herself, He couldn't possibly be the killer. He's safe.


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Like everyone else on the planet, I'm a self-published writer. My latest project is the fictional biography of four-year-old Dorothy / Dorcas Good, who was traumatized by accusations of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials.