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Finally settled on a happy medium for the next book. Initially I was torn between writing a fictional account of the Titanic or the early Hollywood scandals, but decided to combine them both into a single series. I don't know what to call it yet, but it'll follow the adventures of an awkward immigrant named who comes to Ellis Island after a tragic incident in England. He's falsely accused of being an anarchist, so his family ships him off to an uncle in the states before the police in England can connect him to the crime.

In New York he meets a vaudeville performer named Adeline, herself a survivor of tragedy and traumatized by the past. On the stage she works with Trevor's uncle Bertram, who's keenly interested in the new technology of film making, especially since it seems to be bringing in a pretty penny for the growing number of amateur film makers. Adeline's beautiful, of course, so Bert asks her to act in his movies and takes her and Trevor to the Palisades for filming, thus launching the film careers of all three of them.

Right now, I'm thinking the first book will just bring Trevor and Adeline together as they cope with their troubled pasts, and be mostly a hurt/comfort story. As I'm picturing it now, it ends with Thomas Edison's goons threatening the prospering film makers in the east, so they flee to the west coast and start making movies in the little community of Hollywoodland.

In the second book, Adeline and Trevor are making a living as actors but aren't really stars yet. They've fallen madly in love and get married on the set, then honeymoon in Paris. As a wedding gift, the film crew collects enough money to buy them a first class ticket for the return trip home on the Titanic, so most of the book is the two of them trying to survive that disaster when few of the officers will allow men into the lifeboats. Adeline, of course, would NEVER get into a boat unless Trevor was allowed in, too. *weep*

I think I've found the cover for the first book at the Library of Congress, here. Isn't she breathtaking? Such a tragedy that someone so beautiful is long dead now. I wonder who she was and what happened to her in life? Probably a professional artist's model or something. Hope she found true love and died happy.   ♥

Cast of Characters:

■ Trevor Goodwin, born in 1889. Real name is Theodore Gardiner. He takes a job playing piano for Adeline in his uncle Bert's vaudeville theater.

■ Cyril Goodwin, Trevor's younger brother, born in 1891. Real name is Clarence Gardiner. Has wanted to emigrate to America for a long time, but never had the opportunity until his brother is falsely accused of an anarchist attack.

■ Ian Kavanagh, an anarchist, and Trevor's former best friend.

■ Honoria, Trevor's fiancée in England. When she comes to America and becomes an actress, she takes the name Nora Nolan.

■ Bertram, Trevor's uncle. He owns a run-down old theater in a tenement district of New York City, where he produces small-time vaudeville shows. He recently purchased some camera equipment with a view toward making his own films, since that's become the most popular part of the show.

■ Adeline Finley, born in 1888, a singer who works in Bertram's theater. Bert calls her Addie. She suffers from PTSD due to something that happened in her past. Trevor tries to discover what that is and help her overcome the trauma.


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