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Is it just me, or does it seem rather crass when authors "like" the reviews of their own books on Goodreads and elsewhere?

I mean, technically, reviews are for other readers, not for the author, so really, what's a writer doing reading his reviews? Well, of course they read their reviews, but one shouldn't let the public know you read your reviews, right?

I suppose it doesn't matter since the majority of those reviewers are just other authors in most cases, but if they were organic reviews from real readers I should think the readers would find it kind of creepy that the writer is hovering over their shoulders watching them write reviews and then reviewing those reviews with a "like" or maybe a downvote if it's on Amazon and the review is less than flattering. These writers therefore might be sabotaging their own success by making the readers less likely to review in the future, but you can't tell them that...



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