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Plot bunnies to attack in the future:

▪ a fictionalized account of the last days of Rasputin as seen through the eyes of the last woman he slept with, not necessarily a reliable narrator

▪ a housewife in the quiverfull movement sees the light and tries to get away from her abusive husband, taking their multitude of children with her despite the fact that she has no marketable skills, talents or abilities

▪ a Jew falls in love with a shiksa and vice versa immediately before the Black Death epidemic of 1347, then he gets blamed for giving everyone the plague

▪ a billionaire music producer devises a scheme to create a computer program that can compose every possible song in the universe since there are a finite number of possible songs

▪ a group of concerned scientists develop terraforming technology and use it to create a utopian country at Point Nemo

▪ a woman (not necessarily old) finds herself homeless after her husband's sudden death because he took out a reverse mortgage on their home but didn't put her name on the form, so she loses the house she's lived in all her life

▪ God turns out to be an organic machine that creates all the life forms in the universe, which it uses as recording devices of experience, and when one dies one returns to the machine

▪ the fictional biography of four-year-old Dorothy Good, who was accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials and remained permanently infantile because of it

▪ a fictional account of the Orlęta

▪ the ordeal of one family during the Holodomor

▪ a Cinderella story where Cinderella is ugly and her stepsisters are beautiful

▪ A fantasy about a small country that unwittingly creates calamity when they develop a device that gives immortality to its citizens, but they refuse to share that technology with any nation that doesn't practice sustainable reproduction. America then tries to take the technology from them by force.

▪ a medieval m/m fantasy about a weaponsmith in love with a knight. He forges a magical sword for the knight, who thoughtlessly tosses it away in battle and then must go on a quest to retrieve it in order to prove his love for the swordsmith, but finds that the sword has been stolen in the meantime.

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Akje Majdanek

About Me

Like everyone else on the planet, I'm a self-published writer. My latest project is the fictional biography of four-year-old Dorothy / Dorcas Good, who was traumatized by accusations of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials.